The Wall of Mohoro - diving in  Sulawesi

Hardly anything has the same relaxing effect on us like the calm blubbering of a ship's diesel and the faint clinging sound of diving tanks being stacked. After a nearly a year we are back on board the Raja  Manta, meeting old friends on one of our favourite liveaboards to explore the waters of Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. Heading our from Bitung port we crossed through the Lembeh Strait and sailed all the way to Bangka and Siau Islands, nearly half way to the Philippines. Weather was not in our favour and we could not go to all dive sites as planned but nevertheless a marvellous trip. We had a great group of divers together aptly called the Seal Team Six. Our team skills came to a test at the now legendary wall of Mohoro Island where we faced not only one of the toughest currents I experienced but also out of air situations, Surface Marker Buoy failures, me being swept away into the sea and pushed down by a down current. Well, we all survived and live to to tell the tale over a Bintang or two. Add rather splendid muck dives including spotting the elusive hairy frogfish and the flamboyant cuttlefish plus sightings of Eagle Rays and barracudas and you'll join me and Heike in savouring every bit of this trip. Hope to be back on board soon.