Realm of the Red Crab

Christmas Island's endemic Red Crab
Christmas Island's endemic Red Crab

You may or may not have heard about Christmas Island, Australia's outpost in the Indian Ocean. Its a small island about 350km away from Java and known for it's annual migration of the red crab, only found here and on Cocos Island. Christmas Island was discovered - guess what - on the 25.12.1643 and had seen it's fair bit of history including being under the administration of Singapore and most recently the establishment of a detention centre for refugees. Apart from a few tourists the main source of income is the mining of phosphate, the raw material that made the island interesting in the first place.

Normally a rather difficult place to get to we learned that a dive operator had successfully worked with  Garuda Airlines to to offer a charter flight from Jakarta ... we had to go!

As a dive destination I let the photos speak for themselves. Very nice and clean waters with interesting topography but nothing like the raving comments in some magazines dubbing the island as 'Australia's Galapagos'. We enjoyed the diving nevertheless and even more the hikes on the island carefully stepping around the crabs that you virtually find everywhere. If you like hiking in jungles, spectacular views, interesting wildlife then come.

Add a very relaxed island lifestyle with supermarkets selling what they have (not that much) and the three main restaurants taking turns to open for visitors ... then you get the picture. Enjoy the photos.