Lost World: Old Jurong Railway

In a densely populated country like Singapore it is difficult to find spots hidden from view. Of course, there are places but they are mostly off limits, close to army training grounds or structurally unsafe. One of the remaining areas I wanted to explore is the old Jurong Railway, a connection with Bukit Timah Railway station and the harbour  area near the Pandan Reservoir.  It was developed in the 1960s to transport goods to Jurong and ran from Bukit Timah Railway station next to King Albert Park through Pasir Panjang and ended at Shipyard Road. Operations stopped in the 1990s and a small stretch of the line is now hidden in a small jungle area. A proper hike through thick forest,  eaten alive by ants a friend and I ventured on the trail and pushed from the old Jurong Railway bridge over Ulu Pandan all the way to Bukit Timah Railway station where the old tracks now meet the new Green Corridor.