Country #73

National Holiday in Singapore, time to get on a trip. We had been thinking about going to Brunei for diving for a while and this year we finally went. We were pleasantly surprised by Brunei - not the large megacity we somehow expected but a rather small and relaxed town with a lot of green. Yes, of course. Brunei is not Sentosa or Mallorca. No alcohol and tobacco allowed! But this made sort of a detox trip for us (well, we imported a bit, legally) and we enjoyed diving in the waters off Brunei. There's plenty of wrecks but unfortunately the tides, currents, run off from the rivers and some seismic testing by the oil and gas industry made it difficult to see a lot. Think about super low visibility, ripping surface currents and an emergency ascent from 48 meters depth. Sigh. I am not 100% sure if worth going back but we surely pocketed country number 73 in or combined country list. Might as well have a look at the status!