Thomson Nature Reserve (2019)
Thomson Nature Reserve (2019)

Welcome to Travelicious! This website was an idea Heike and I had when we did a world trip all the way back in 2006: Showing some of the places we have been to friends and families back home. There was no Instagram or Facebook really and IT and web design have changed quite a but since those days.  Nevertheless we are keeping this as a photo album. Let's see how many more years this lasts.


Most of the older pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 350D (18-55mm, Sigma 120-400mm) and in some cases with a compact Ixus 100IS or G15. I switched to a Canon EOS 50D (17-85mm, 70-300 IS L) in 2008 and the latest photos are done with a Canon 6D (50mm f1.4 and 24-70 f4-5.6, 16-35mm f2.8). I also use an Olympus OMD E 1 MKII since 2018. Anything older than 2006 was done with Canon T70 or Canon EOS 500N and scanned. I am still working with slide film on a Nikon F100, too. 


Older underwater photos are mostly taken with a Canon Ixus 100IS (Canon Housing, no strobes). Newer photos are taken with a Canon G15 in an Ikelite Housing with a Sea & Sea Y01 strobe, later Fantasea Housing with an added a Sea & Sea Strobe (YS D2). I changed to a Sony RX100V in a Nauticam Housing with dual INON Z330 strobes and a Nauticam WWL-1 underwater wet wide angle lens. End of 2019 I also invested in a housing for the Olympus and hope to catch some great action underwater with the 8mm Fisheye!


You can go through some of our Worldtrip adventures on the right or follow our footsteps in Asia going through the lunar calendar over the years. There's also an collection covering a few topics I like.


All the pictures are my own property. Exceptions are marked on the photos. For any questions please use the contact page. Updates you can find below in the website blog.

Time to move on

Jimdo has been a good home for Travelicious! over the years. That said, it is just a hobby and I have decided to consolidate photo albums under a new domain. From March onwards some of my photos will be on www.reddotphoto.art. The content here will slowly be moved or deleted. Hope some of you pay a visit to the new site. Take care!

Lost World: Old Jurong Railway

In a densely populated country like Singapore it is difficult to find spots hidden from view. Of course, there are places but they are mostly off limits, close to army training grounds or structurally unsafe. One of the remaining areas I wanted to explore is the old Jurong Railway, a connection with Bukit Timah Railway station and the harbour  area near the Pandan Reservoir.  It was developed in the 1960s to transport goods to Jurong and ran from Bukit Timah Railway station next to King Albert Park through Pasir Panjang and ended at Shipyard Road. Operations stopped in the 1990s and a small stretch of the line is now hidden in a small jungle area. A proper hike through thick forest,  eaten alive by ants a friend and I ventured on the trail and pushed from the old Jurong Railway bridge over Ulu Pandan all the way to Bukit Timah Railway station where the old tracks now meet the new Green Corridor. 

No end in sight

So, month number five of lock down and travel restrictions. We had to cancel our planned holidays for this year and I don't think that things will change much in 2020. Business travel is also not really possible which means that for the first time in nine years I have not left Singapore in nearly five months. Thankfully this place has a lot to offer so stay tuned for some explorations in the little red dot. 

Corona, Covid and a long stay home

So, who would have thought that. Longest period of staying home since ages. When Heike and I arrived back in Singapore after our trip to the Maledives we didn't expect this to be the last trip for a long while. Diving? Nope. Business trips? Nope. Exploring this beautiful island? Hm, rather not with all that social distancing. So it is about staying at home. You will find more photos of cats than usual and while I tried some trick shots at home, hm actually I am longing to go out again. Circuit Breaker for another day, then the restrictions will slowly start easing we hope. Anyway. First world problems. Hope all of you are safe and look forward seeing you soon

Same Procedure as every year, James

Wow. 12 months gone, just like that. This has been quite a remarkable year for us, colourful with so many fantastic experiences. I have updated for the last time this year the annual album "Year of the Pig" and you also find the shots from our recent diving trip to Chuuk Lagoon. See you next year.